“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

– Joseph Pilates


Supports you throughout your lifetime with a low impact method of exercise.

Builds up the intrinsic core muscles necessary for all activities.

Helps you achieve your daily movement goals and other forms of fitness.


Focus on your personal goals in a private session or join a group with online classes from the convenience of your home.


In the Spring of 2018, I began working with SuperKate on a regular basis to prepare for my trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I had not previously done Pilates and knew little about it.  Through the work, I gained in flexibility, core strengths and learned to adjust my stride for greater alignment.  I am convinced that working with her was essential to my success in reaching the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the Fall of 2018.  An additional benefit of working with SuperKate is that it has strengthened my gym workouts.  I highly recommend adding sessions with SuperKate to a workout routine. 
– Ralph

SuperKate is an exacting teacher dedicated to perfecting alignment, strengthening muscles, and encouraging movement. She takes a holistic approach to improving your physical fitness and infects you with her enthusiasm for Pilates.
I have always been an active person, but classes with SuperKate have been a game changer. In my practice, she was able to spot and correct my bad habits, leading to improved range of motion while reducing years of pain and injury.
SuperKate will challenge you, but she will never intimidate you. She brings a positive attitude and an attention to technique and detail that translates to results in your body.

– Jen

SuperKate gives you access to the fine details in your workout. She has a keen eye for the subtlety of movement. Through her guidance I have been able to wake up the deep layers of muscle and gain strength and balance.
– Teresa

“I don’t like SuperKate because your arms aren’t squishy anymore.”
– Rebecca, 4, speaking to her mom, Elizabeth

I am 63 years old and over the years have accrued some acute and chronic body issues. One is scoliosis and this spinal unbalance creates chronic pain for me. Chiropractic treatment and massage therapy help to reduce my pain and keep the vertebrae in place. Pilates and Yoga help stretch the spine and strengthen my core.
The Pilates instruction that I receive at SpiralKore from SuperKate is a cut above normal classes. She also gives me at-home exercises that I can do every day. If I do these regularly with a few stretches, my back and hip are pain free.
My workouts with SuperKate are absolutely essential for continued physical strength and flexibility as I age.
– Pat

SuperKate  —  Owner/Instructor

I love making connections between the body and mind through movement.

I understand the need to have mobility, flexibility and strength due to years as an athlete, dancer and active human. Despite regular activity and a fitness regimen, I realized that hours sitting at a desk for my job were wearing on my body. I searched for a new lifestyle that would help me combat these issues. 

Pilates is an excellent method for those who want to feel strong and balanced in their daily lives, as well as those who want to take their exercise to a new level. I’m certified in Comprehensive Pilates through Balanced Body University, certified as a NASM personal trainer, and recently finished my comprehensive MOTR training. I have pursued continuing education in foot and gait therapy to provide my students with information on how to make their posture and walking more efficient, whether you’re in rehab or a performance level athlete. 

I am grateful to all of my teachers, they inspire me to continually educate myself and my clients, with the goal of achieving more potential in ourselves to pursue our active lives.

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